Following a successful ten-year entrepreneurial career, Gary spent seven years on Wall Street; building an international reputation as a high- technology 
analyst and  managing director, first at Piper Jaffray and then Needham & Co. In 1989, he left the Street to form Smaby Group Inc., a strategic advisory firm serving senior executives within F500 corporations such as IBM, Intel, Hewlett Packard and Oracle; as well as high-profile entrepreneurs that were creating new ventures at technology’s leading edge. 

 In 2000, Mr. Smaby became a founding managing partner of Quatris Fund, a seed-stage venture capital fund formed with St. Paul Venture Capital, the former venture arm of St. Paul Fire and Marine Insurance Company (now Travelers Group). He has since served as sole managing partner of the Quatris I Fund, when the partnership elected to not raise a follow-on fund.  He served for five years on the External Advisory Board for the Deep Computing Institute at IBM’s TJ Watson Research Laboratory. Mr. Smaby was the 2003 President of the Minnesota Venture Capital Association.  In 1997 Smaby was invited by NASA to present Colloquium lectures at both the NASA Langley Research Center and the Virginia Air and Space Museum. 

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